"Hizz&Herz "The Reality of Duality"

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"Hizz&Herz "The Reality of Duality"

Hizz &Herz is a bi-weekly podcast moderated by Sam Gaymon Jr. and Jennifer
Laws. The best way to describe Hizz Herz is a open forum that dives into those
hard to ask questions and life situations that effect our personal relationships.
From dating over 40 to finances and those taboo discussions we all find
uncomfortable no topic is off limits! The best thing is our diverse audience are
the experts. Coming from all different backgrounds, ages and genders Hizz&Herz
welcomes all to participate. Our mission is to make these conversations regular
so we can all be the best versions of ourselves and maintain healthy relationships.


Sam Gaymon Jr.
Sam has been a member of the spoken word community since 1997. He has
been a host of several well- known spoken word venues and prides himself on
speaking a language that the thinking layman can feel. Sam comes from an era
when it wasn’t common to see an open mic at every corner. His reputation as a
fan favorite was earned one stage at a time. Besides the spoken word circuit
Sam can been seen on independent film and local theater roles. The evidence of
this man’s way with words can be heard on his cds “REAL RADIO”  “Return of
the Black Classic.” Song writer, actor, playwright, novelist, poet- all of these
things make Sam I Am an artist for all audiences to enjoy.I write about the
things that ordinary people experience in their lives. So I guess you can call it a
lifestyle Sam Gaymon


Jennifer Laws
Jennifer is a Philadelphia native whose career spans over several industries.
Starting out in pageantry and transitioning to modeling Jennifer felt there was
something missing with providing aspiring models and pageantry contestants
with all they need to be successful. In 2015 she founded Top Line Divas LLC..
What started as just training has changed into a place of comfort and acceptance
where all are welcome. In addition Jennifer is also an actress,poet, Fashion show
producer and published author. Her most recent book & My Life For Yours is a
Anthology co-authored by caregivers. Beauty shines from within. Be
courageous enough to go after your dreams even when others doubt you!

Jennifer Laws

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